Carolyn Shamer - Retiree Tributes - McDonogh School

Carolyn Shamer

Almost from the moment she arrived on campus in 1984, Carolyn Shamer has been cleaning something! She has vacuumed, dusted, scrubbed, and polished almost every room of almost every building on campus. After living and working here for 33 years, Carolyn knows the rhythms of the school year by heart.

She knows where to go and what to do when it rains heavily, or when a wedding is scheduled for the chapel, or when lower schoolers are making gingerbread houses. She knows what must be done before Summer Programs begin and what has to happen before school can reopen. Carolyn knows and loves McDonogh, and she is happy to do whatever she can for the school.

As important as her housekeeping skills are, Carolyn has given us much more than those services.  She is quick to share a smile and a warm hello, and when she asks how you are, she really wants to know. Her supervisor describes her as a “happy-go-lucky” person who sometimes sings to herself while working, especially if she is alone in the chapel. “In many ways, Carolyn reminds me of my grandmother,” her supervisor said. “She has the same soft voice, sweet temperament, and strong character.”

Carolyn and husband Fred will retire at the end of June and move from campus to an 1890’s “fixer-upper” house in Union Bridge, MD. There, Carolyn is sure to keep a clean house and to lavish love and attention on her two young grandsons. They are very lucky boys, but we have been lucky as well to have had Carolyn with us for more than three decades. Thank you for all you have done, Carolyn. Enjoy every moment of your retirement.