Cheryl Seal - Retiree Tributes - McDonogh School

Cheryl Seal

If Cheryl Seal’s life were a movie, it would be a story of steadfast devotion.  It would chronicle more than six decades of being a loving daughter, 45 years of marriage, 41 years of motherhood, and 40 years of teaching (32 of them here at McDonogh).  Our versatile heroine would be shown playing many different roles in her professional life as well.

In her years at McDonogh, Cheryl has served as the Lower School secretary, the first assistant teacher in our first-ever prefirst grade, the lead teacher in both the prefirst and fourth grades, and the reading specialist.  In 2001, Cheryl received the Raymond B. Oliver Endowed Teaching Chair, McDonogh’s version of a Lifetime Achievement Award.  However, many of the achievements that Cheryl feels proudest of are not so publicly connected to her.  Among them are:

  • helping to found the Girls’ Boarding Program in 1983
  • beginning the Campus Parent Program, with husband Bill, in 1987
  • being elected by her peers to the Education Committee of the Board of Trustees – twice
  • working with Ann Burgess to develop a Social Studies curriculum for fourth grade, which included several units still taught today
  • heading the committee that developed the Lower School’s Language Arts Scope and Sequence
  • working hard to create a structured and coordinated reading program in the Lower School
  • helping to write the Philosophy Statement for both the Lower School and the Boarding Program.
  • being selected for Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers after nominations by former students and a colleague.

Clearly, what means the most to Cheryl is that McDonogh’s students have the best possible experience here – in and out of the classroom.  Whether they be kindergarten students or senior boarders, struggling readers or outstanding scholar athletes, they deserve, Cheryl believes, to be surrounded by adults who are committed to helping them “Be the Best of Whatever They Are.”

Cheryl has been true to her mission, steadfast in her labors, dedicated to her duties, and loyal to her school.  She has stood like a sentry through wind, rain, and snow while on bus duty.  She has shared her boarders’ joys and sorrows.  She has supported her colleagues in their efforts to assist their reluctant readers.  Over and over again, she has asked, “What can I do to help?”  Cheryl has truly left her mark – her seal – on McDonogh School.  We offer her our lasting thanks for 32 years of selfless service.