Carolyn Pentzer - Retiree Tributes - McDonogh School

Carolyn Pentzer

For 20 years, Carolyn Pentzer has blessed this school by being a knowledgeable and caring nurse in our Infirmary. She uses her considerable skills to treat the incredible range of problems that quickly arise on our campus. Injuries and illnesses of all types and varieties appear at her door. She is quick and keen and has uncanny emergency nursing skills.  

One of her specialties is her ablility to detect tiny hairline fractures, which are hard to determine even with the use of an X-ray.  A local orthopedic office would keep track of her fracture one time she was 10 for 11. Because of her reputation, the physician decided to re-check that one student who they thought did not have a hairline fracture, and sure enough... Carolyn was right. She was 11 for 11.

Taking care of the actual injury or illness is only half of what makes Carolyn so special.. The term “caring” goes beyond just medical treatment and Carolyn is a real “care giver”. She gives of herself unselfishly and tirelessly.  Beyond McDonogh, Carolyn is a volunteer and welcomed sight in the Surgical Unit of GBMC, where she volunteers on her days off. In addition to providing nursing support, she offers knitted shawls to her patients as she sits and listens to them.

Carolyn grew up on a working farm in Reisterstown and has been married to her husband for 50 years. She has three children and five grandchildren whom she loves. You would think that with all of these activities she would not have time for other things but that is not the case. She enjoys traveling to the Outer Banks. Carolyn is crazy about basketball and  March Madness although her favorite team, the University of Maryland, has had several down years. She also fills her spare time with gardening and baking.

A description of Carolyn could never be complete without mentioning how she cares for dogs, especially Labs. She has been taking care of other people’s Labordor retrievers for years.

Professional and caring.  We could not ask for more in a nurse and we have been blessed having Carolyn as our nurse these past 20 years. We wish you well in your busy retirement.