Carol Carroll - Retiree Tributes - McDonogh School

Carol Carroll

Far and away, the best prize life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.

Carol Carroll quoted these words from Theodore Roosevelt in one of her annual notes to the Headmaster, expressing her gratitude at being offered another opportunity to serve the school and assuring him that she would continue to “work hard at work worth doing.” No assurances were necessary. Carol’s devotion to her work and her affection for children have made her a beloved figure at McDonogh.

Carol has been the warm voice on the phone and the smiling face at the front door of Elderkin Hall for almost 23 years. Her title and her job description have evolved during that time, but her poise, professionalism, and dedication to McDonogh have never wavered. She was hired as the Lower School secretary but has become an invaluable administrative assistant, colleague, and friend.

Carol is a model for “We give something more than we take.” She handles phone calls, email, and postal mail. She creates spreadsheets, newsletters, programs, and calendars.

She takes children’s temperatures and offers them band-aids, cough drops, and hugs. She has delighted audiences by performing in Halloween programs and agreeing to be wrapped in toilet paper. She has helped to teach Edible Designs and candle-making, pulled weeds at Roots, written scripts and rehearsed readers for Celebrate, and spent every lunch time in the company of children.

After 23 years of fun and frenzy, Carol plans to move to Centerville to be near family. We will miss this gracious woman and the fun of introducing her by name to strangers. Although her name repeats itself, no one else will be able to repeat all that she has done so kindly and willingly over the years. Thank you, Carol, for working so hard and helping so many. We wish you all the very best!