Barbara Zimmerman - Retiree Tributes - McDonogh School

Barbara Zimmerman

Educator and speaker Rita Pierson once said, Every child deserves a champion -- an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection, and insists that they become the best that they can possibly be.  For the past 17 years, Lower School children have had that champion in Barbara Zimmerman. The children in Barbara’s classes, whether prefirst or third grade, know that she is totally committed to helping them be their best selves.

Barbara is a master teacher who cares deeply for her students. In the classroom, she is superbly organized, endlessly creative, lots of fun, and completely devoted. She constantly revises her curriculum, adding new and meaningful content each year, and she sets high expectations for her students, both in work and play.

Barbara always refers to her students as “my kids” because in their year together they become part of her family. Her own sons often found this confusing but, over the years, they grew to understand the depth of connection their mom had with the students in her class -- and with McDonogh, the school she loves so much.

Barbara began her McDonogh career as a third grade teacher in 2000. Before McDonogh, she was an art teacher in England and, after moving to Baltimore in 1986, she taught at a number of schools in the Baltimore area. The story goes that it was Kent Zimmerman, Barbara’s husband, who sent in her application for a teaching position at McDonogh.

Barbara, we feel lucky that you found McDonogh and that you stayed to share your amazing talents as a teacher, mentor, and friend. You have been a champion who understands the power of connection, and for that, we will be forever grateful.