Barbara Walsh - Retiree Tributes - McDonogh School

Barbara Walsh

On May 17, just five days from today, Barbara Walsh will bring Bus #3 to a stop for the last time. “Miss Barb,” as she is best known, has been behind the wheel of Bus #3 for 27 years, serving thousands of McDonogh students and traveling enough miles to circle the globe nine times.

Among her many fine qualities, Barb is perhaps best known for her kindness and dependability. She genuinely cares about the many students who have ridden her bus, and has tried her best to get to know each one individually. Barb has been proud to watch many of her charges grow up and graduate from McDonogh as “polite, pleasant, and helpful people.”

Barb herself is “polite, pleasant, and helpful.” A close friend said, “She would do anything she could to help anyone.” Her supervisor has expressed gratitude for the many times that Barb saved the day by substituting for a sick driver or volunteering to get behind the wheel on short notice to drive students on a  field trip.

Barb’s daily driving prowess is legendary, as well. She safely arrives at school each morning within a three-minute window no matter what the weather. Barb seems unperturbed by traffic, road conditions, or distractions of any kind.

“She has nerves of steel” her supervisor said, an attribute that keeps her calm in rush hour snarls.

Soon after Barb steps down from Bus #3 for the last time, she will get in a car with her husband, John, and drive to their new home in Greenwood, South Carolina.  

Barb, as you enjoy those hard-earned days of rest and relaxation, we hope you will remember your McDonogh Family and how grateful we are for your 27 years of “road service” to the school. We wish you all the best in retirement!