Rick Landsman - Retired Faculty & Staff - McDonogh School

Rick Landsman

McDonogh’s top priority is, has been, and will always be the safety and security of our community. Our response to the COVID-19 pandemic has been a testament to that commitment. We have been reminded that our school cannot fulfill its mission unless our family members are protected from harm. Today, we honor a man who was a pioneer in establishing high standards for the safety and security of our community and who has devoted himself to maintaining those standards for almost three decades: Lieutenant Rick Landsman.

When Rick first arrived at McDonogh in 1992, he was surprised to learn that we had an “open door policy” of sorts: most of our buildings had no locks on the inside or outside doors! He then decided to thoroughly inspect our entire campus, jotting notes on a legal pad as he went. That was the beginning of Rick’s invaluable service to McDonogh. Since then, he has turned a one-man, part-time operation into a full-service, 24-hour Security Department. Through his connections as a longtime Lieutenant in the Baltimore County Police Department, Rick has assembled a staff of over 30 guards, the majority of whom are off-duty or retired police officers.

Because of the nature of his work, Rick is often behind the scenes. However, over the course of 29 years, his knowledge, experience, and instincts for policing have guided the school through everything from traffic control to crisis management. Rick is a realist about the dangers of living in modern society, but he is not an alarmist. He offers wise and practical advice as well as reassurance and a sense that we are in good hands - his hands.

Rick, we will miss your presence on campus, but we are reassured by the fact that you have agreed to continue serving as a special security advisor. Thank you for the sacrifices you have made and risks you have taken for us. We will always be grateful to you.

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