Lottie Benyard - Retired Faculty & Staff - McDonogh School

Lottie Benyard

When some people retire, they treat themselves to snazzy sports cars, spa days, travel, and fine dining. Our first retiree, Lottie Benyard, has been doing these things for years. But, this is not her first retirement. Lottie came to McDonogh in 1997 after a career at McCormick Spice Company. During her time here, she has worn many hats as a member of the Housekeeping staff. And, if you know Lottie, you can be sure those hats are the most stylish.

It’s a well-known fact that Lottie is a fashionista who can jazzify even a uniform polo shirt and make it look stunning. And have you seen the designer face masks she’s been wearing since COVID? Nothing about Lottie is plain.

In her 24 years at McDonogh, Lottie has worked all over campus and in just about every building. Her time in the girls dorm was the perfect fit. Thoughtful and kind, the girls just loved her. As one friend and colleague says, “She wasn’t just a housekeeper. She kept an eye out for the students and their needs.”

Lottie’s good taste, attention to detail, and natural inclination to make a positive impression are reflected in her work. Each time she is assigned a new building, she brings along decorations and little niceties to make her spaces sparkle. These special touches are appreciated by those whose classrooms and offices are in those buildings. Her energy and spirit attract people of all ages across campus. Students and staff delight in her presence, seek her wisdom, and admire her dedication to her job. 

Lottie, for all that you have done for McDonogh and the community, we take our hats off to you. We look forward to hearing how you spend your second retirement. No doubt it will be dazzling.

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