Elaine Bind - Retired Faculty & Staff - McDonogh School

Elaine Bind

More than once during her 33-year career at McDonogh, Elaine Bind has been referred to as a “Renaissance Woman,” or, perhaps more properly, femme de la Renaissance. The term means a woman who “has many interests or areas of knowledge” and is an ideal description for this teacher, tutor, trainer, mother, campus parent, cook, gardener, environmentalist, world traveler, and our school’s most fervent Francophile.

Elaine arrived at McDonogh in 1988 to join the World Languages Department and teach French in the Upper School. While her accent in that language is reportedly impeccable, Frau Bind is also quite fluent in German, a language she taught in years past as well. She has led independent study classes, served as a tutor here and abroad, and organized our Peer Tutoring program. Outside her classroom walls, she has chaperoned trips to France, Japan, and Germany. She has been essential to our student exchange program and has personally welcomed students and teachers from around the world into her home.

In addition to her love of French language, literature, and culture, Elaine is passionate about the environment. An outspoken advocate for the conservation and preservation of the earth’s resources, she has been a guiding force behind the school’s recycling efforts, most recently the drive to recycle K-cups and plastic markers. Elaine integrates environmental topics into her teaching, asking students to use their target language to explore issues relating to both the pollution and protection of our air and water. 

She has also played a number of lesser known roles. Early in her career, Elaine served as our athletic trainer during after-school hours. She was also an early “techie” who eagerly helped her students and colleagues adapt to new and changing technology. She was heavily involved in creating and supervising the Foster Technology Center, spending countless after-school hours there as well.

Elaine, you have made many important contributions to McDonogh in the past three decades, modeling dedication, compassion, and kindness all along the way. Merci pour tout ce que vous avez fait.* Adieu! 

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