Ceil Millar - Retired Faculty & Staff - McDonogh School

Ceil Millar

In the summer of 1977, Cecilia Lowe arrived on McDonogh’s campus to begin a teaching career that would span four remarkable decades. She joined the Upper School Math Department just three years after female students were first admitted to McDonogh. Although the school’s population was overwhelmingly male, Cecilia was undaunted. Without fireworks or fanfare, this skillful and sensitive educator simply opened her classroom door, turned on the lights, and began to teach. Forty-four uninterrupted years later, Ceil Millar can look back on thousands of lessons well-taught and a dedication to students that remains undiminished. 

Ceil’s contributions to McDonogh are nearly “incalculable.” She made history by becoming the first woman to serve as Head of Upper School, a position she held for 12 years. She has been a math teacher, math department head, college counselor, and Head of College Counseling. She was instrumental in creating the Advisor Program and is a class advisor herself. She has served as president of McDonogh’s Chapter of Cum Laude and as moderator of the Mock Trial team. Ceil has been a cheerleading coach, Concert Choir chaperone, and a Cardboard Boat builder and judge. Her accumulated committee work could be measured in metric tons! She is also a loyal fan of McDonogh’s athletes and enthusiastically attends many games.

In recognition of Ceil’s outstanding work, the Legacy staff dedicated the 1993 yearbook to her, and the Alumni Association honored her with the 2009 Distinguished Service Award. Once, in a powerful piece of writing, Ceil articulated a dream for McDonogh that all of us can share:  that each student will make a significant and lasting connection with at least one adult who will help the student recognize his or her strengths, glimpse the possibilities offered by one’s personal potential, and stride off into the future with the confidence and skills that bring success.”

Thank you, Ceil, for equipping so many of our students to stride off confidently into their futures with the valuable gifts you have given them. Congratulations on a career well done!