Barbara Robins - Retired Faculty & Staff - McDonogh School

Barbara Robins

If you knew just how many schools Barbara Robins has worked in - and on how many continents - you would be GOBSMACKED!  That word means “utterly astonished” and is part of Barbara’s collection of charming British terms and phrases! As Barbara would say, “In actual fact,” I have taught in eight schools on four continents.” Born in Northern Ireland, she has traveled from Singapore to Switzerland, and from Australia to America. Luckily for us, she has called McDonogh home for the past 16 years, and we have reaped the benefits of her international insights and extensive experience.

Barbara first came to McDonogh in 2005 to teach second grade. Her work ethic, leadership, and organizational skills have enabled her to successfully serve as a classroom teacher, second grade coordinator, the Associate Head of Lower School, and, beginning in 2015, the Head of Lower School. In that role, Barbara has demonstrated a keen ability to envision the path a school must take to continue to grow. At the same time, she understands all the details that must be worked out in order to move along that path successfully.

Her accomplishments include working closely with the faculty to ensure that the Lower School’s curriculum is fully aligned. She is a champion of the LifeReady character program and has been instrumental in tying this program to monthly assemblies, strengthening the sense of community in the Lower School. Barbara was literally “in on the ground floor” of our prekindergarten program, shepherding the project from inspiration to reality. For the past 14 months, she has navigated the Lower School through the COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring that students in PK to fourth grade could safely and successfully enjoy both on-campus and virtual learning.

Barbara, thank you for leading the Lower School forward along a sometimes challenging path. You have worked hard to guarantee that this division would retain its characteristic atmosphere of warmth and joy. We offer you our best wishes as you resume your world travels. We shall always be grateful for the time you spent with us.