Lower School - Visual Arts - McDonogh School

Lower School

Curiosity, intuitive thinking, discovery, exploration are the habits of mind nurtured by the Lower School visual arts curriculum. From their first moments in the Lower School, students are inspired to think in divergent ways as they become familiar with a variety of materials and techniques. They learn to problem-solve as they practice the elements and principles of design, and as a result, discover their own capacity for visual expression. Students are inspired to take risks in a safe environment so that they can realize their full potential. The interdisciplinary curriculum allows students to discover connections and find more meaning and relevancy in their work.

Projects are often inspired by well-known artists and diverse cultures so students become aware of, and compassionate towards, others in our multicultural world. Museum and gallery tours, visiting artists, and cross-divisional events provide additional experiences that cultivate a love of two-and three-dimensional art. These experiences culminate in the spring Imagination Celebration, an exhibit showcasing samples of each child's artwork.