Zoe Noor - Senior Art Exhibition - McDonogh School

Zoe Noor

From an early age, I have always been passionate about art. I have more recently been drawn to further developing my observational drawing skills. Drawing in graphite allows me to experiment with texture, monochrome, detail, tonal contrast, blending, and erasure –– it’s flexible. As I have become more confident with my work, I have been able to create much deeper and more meaningful connections with my art. Thematically, my art focuses on the idea of growth. Throughout my life, I have changed and adapted to many different circumstances and I use symbols from the natural world to mirror this evolution. 

Being an identical twin, I have struggled with finding my independence and creating a story about myself without other people making generalizations or assumptions about me. In my senior thematic series, I found it fitting to communicate this story with others. Using colors and objects from both my life and my imagination, I have been able to represent my struggle and journey towards independence. The biggest recurrence in my art is the use of symbolism. I think deeply about why I include specific objects in my pieces. The color and composition of my work hold deeper meaning as well. For example, there are keys (both literally and figurative) in each of my pieces of my thematic series, and I decided to highlight them in color to bring emphasis on their purpose in my independence. Although the symbolic significance of the work may be interpreted differently by the audience, these hidden narratives strongly connect me to my art. Through the stories I create, art is a way for me to express myself while also empathizing and connecting with others.

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Freedom of Thought

Releasing the Past

My Independence