Carter Seifert - Senior Art Exhibition - McDonogh School

Carter Seifert

The inspiration for my final series came from my love of wildlife. Since I was a young boy, I have always been fascinated by animals and their different lifestyles. Through my work I aim to spread awareness and highlight a few of the many problems they face today. 

In this series, there are two groups of photos some of which are displayed in black and white while the others are displayed with extra color. The idea behind this is to connect these animals' different lifestyles to ours before and during the pandemic. The animals captured in black and white are found at the Baltimore Zoo and have only lived a life of captivity. The animals shown in color were found in the Galapagos Archipelago, living a life of pure freedom without the control of humans. In the end, I hope this series reflects how the pandemic impacted our lives in ways similar to how captivity has affected animals. 


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