Peter Merz - McDonogh School

Peter Merz

I am a committed environmentalist with a particular interest in preserving streams, rivers, and ocean habitats. Using photography as my medium, I hope to encourage my viewers to get outside and explore. What inspires me most when behind the camera lens are the relationships that abstract details have to a larger composition. Capturing a tiny bug on the wing of a bird showing proportional differences, building contrast and rhythm by interacting with nature, and creating a balanced image that doesn’t exist naturally all intrigue me. Yet, I still gravitate to shooting sweeping landscapes from unique angles and the animals that inhabit them. Both have been passions since I was little.

All too often viewers walk through nature focusing on the expected. I hope to get people to step outside their comfort zone and really look at the world around them, learn to see the unexpected and search for the details which make our world unique. Cameras automatically provide the user with a different way to see, explore, and frame the world. I hope that my work pushes the viewer’s imagination.

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