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Sophia Martinez

From an early age, my love of the natural world has heavily influenced my artistic practice.  At twelve years old, I used the sale of my paintings and drawings of nature-based subjects to raise money for charity. In the fall semester of my Junior year, I decided to attend the High Mountain Institute in Leadville, Colorado. While on long hikes exploring Colorado’s wilderness, I developed a deeper appreciation for ecology.

The purpose of my art series is to illustrate how humans have caused an adverse and negative impact on the vibrant ecosystem in which we live.  The use of or lack of color demonstrates the idea that humans are depleting and destroying the environment.  Through the three-dimensional aspects of my mixed media projects, I provide both literal and figurative examples of human pollution. My intention is to not make people feel responsible for the destruction of our ecosystem but to rather inspire everyone to be more conscientious in their actions.   My goal is to create art that showcases the precarious balance between nature’s beauty and its possible destruction. We can each make a huge difference in this world by taking the time to enjoy, protect and love the natural beauty that surrounds us.  

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Clorox Coral

Bare Bark

Plastic Piles

Plastic Piles 2