Noa Lotan - McDonogh School

Noa Lotan

I am a student, older sister, friend, daughter, and Jewish American. I work primarily with fabric, charcoal, or acrylic paints, but I very much enjoy experimenting with collage, printing, and sculpture. Much of my artistic inspiration comes from travel and cultural exposure. I have been fortunate enough to be able to see art and architecture throughout countries like Israel, France, and England which heavily influences my work. I am particularly interested in working with forms of artistic expression that directly address and engage the viewer; I have had fun experimenting recently with the interactivity of my creations.  

My current series aims to address the theme of capturing transience using both the interactive nature of some of the sculptural pieces, as well as the fluctuation of light interacting with reflection and representation of water. I worked primarily with sculptural materials such as plexiglass, acrylic mirroring, and ceramics while also incorporating more traditional artistic processes like painting. A lot of my processes are based on layering, both in layering paint and in building topographically layered structures. I very much enjoy seeing my work in motion, whether it is under changing lights or rippling water. In a time of flux -- with a volatile political climate, a pandemic, and undergoing a time of significant change in my personal life -- I capture shifts in my art to process not just the difficulty of it but also to find the beauty in a concept that often inspires fear. 


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