Matthew Lawrence - Senior Art Exhibition - McDonogh School

Matthew Lawrence

Growing up I have always been a very active person interested in traveling and hiking. For me photography is a way to capture that feeling and I try to make all my pieces of work very vibrant and bold so the viewer can see the landscape how I see it. In “Fire In Yellowstone”, depicts an overlook in Yosemite. At that time, Yosemite had been devastated by a wildfire and many of the trees were barren and dead. I layered this photograph with a picture of pasta and emphasized the flame-like shape and color of the peppers in order to recreate the ‘fires’ in Yosemite. Another major interest of mine is nutrition. As a wrestler, diet is an important part of my athletic routine and nutrition became one of my motivations for experimenting with different styles of cooking. My photography documents my experiments with various types of cuisine. I decided to combine my interest in food and landscape through collage and digital manipulation. Each piece uses high key color contrast, adjustments in saturation and blending modes to create a semi-abstract image that can be explored and interpreted by the audience. I am very intrigued on how foods’ textures can be added to landscape photos as well to emphasize more of the structure of the photos. Throughout the year I have tried to implement my routines into my artwork including what I eat and where I travel. Working in this documentation style of art work going forward I wish to keep on taking pictures of food and the places I visit and manipulating these pictures to allow the viewer to see the photos how I see them.


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Fire in Yellowstone

Life in Isolation

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