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Dani Ghine

As I have developed my technical skills and explored different modes of expression, I have noticed a stylistic transformation in my art. Most noticeably, my pieces have shifted away from more naturalistic and realistic modes of representation toward work that is more abstract and emotionally expressive.This year I have experimented primarily with charcoal drawing and acrylic paint. I often search for work by other artists that display the emotions I want to express in my next piece. After I have focused my idea, I begin initial sketches before starting my final.

In my charcoal drawing pieces the direction, velocity, thickness or darkness of the marks can be manipulated to convey a specific emotion. For example, in “Disappear”, harsh, strong, dark marks are placed around the woman to represent intense feelings of frustration and anger. “Disappear” illustrates the figure’s isolation and rejection. The naked woman is curled in the corner of a dark room. The only light visible is the highlights of the moonlight cast through the window. The light from the window expresses hope but, little of the light is cast directly onto the woman.  The figure expresses sentiments of helplessness and pity, as well as isolation and rejection from society, or possibly herself.

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