Chase Cummings - McDonogh School

Chase Cummings

“We are all a bit broken in some way, but remember...even broken crayons can fill a page with glorious color.” Unknown

The art that I have created over the past year has been centered around experimenting with different mediums that are not normally used.  I created my 3D works by manipulating melted crayons, dripping hot glue, and combining these mediums with rough woods and everyday objects.  My objective for my works is to express the uncertainty of our current existence and how it is centered around how one would manipulate or make their way through it.  We may search for perfection and control, but just as a crayon drips there is no way to control it’s destiny.  I am fascinated with combining the textures and drips of waxy crayons and glossy hot glue with metals and woods.  I learned that letting go of control and allowing the material do the work for you has been a more beneficial way of looking at life and art. 

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