Dara Balter - McDonogh School

Dara Balter

Painting is my escape, no medium compares. I wish to spend my time creating artwork that can bring me peace rather than imbalance and anxiety. This year, I explored new materials but I balanced the unpredictability of the unfamiliar with the familiarity of highly controlled color schemes and patterns. Color is my way of engaging the audience with the work. I use soft, gentle blends of color to evoke inspiration and bright flowing colors to create feelings of positivity. To create an image with ‘flow,’ I paint in small strokes and blend the colors in the image or landscape to look like a more expressive photograph. I balance a soft, smooth cohesive backdrop with a looser, impasto foreground. As I progress through my art career, I find myself less hesitant to create painterly elements that are more abstract and I allow myself to accept and not obsess over what someone might view as a “mistake”. These moments of unpredictability and chance create more character in my work. 

I find that the world we live in is constantly littered with fighting, injustice, and overall feelings of hate. If I were to create a piece which conveys more sadness or negativity, I believe I am only hurting this world. Instead, I choose to focus on allowing the audience to experience some escapism and feel the lightness of serenity.

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