Vocal Music - McDonogh School

Vocal Music

The vocal music program is based on the belief that everyone has the ability to sing with both joy and technicality. Vocal music teachers encourage confidence and self-expression by giving students tools and opportunities to discover their artistic passion and innate love for singing, with an ultimate goal of promoting growth and resiliency in their artistic life and beyond.

Lower School

In the Lower School, students are introduced to vocal music by catering to their intuitions and instinctive reactions to the sounds in their environment. Teachers use a wide range of tools to help students tap into their expressive capability and ingrained joy for communicating through sound and song. Students are given opportunities to sing in both informal and formal settings throughout the year, with a strong focus on building confidence and passion through singing. The Lower School vocal music curriculum also includes many opportunities for the more serious singer to flourish through participation in the Lower School Choir in grades three and four.

Middle School

Fifth and Sixth Grade

In fifth and sixth grade, students are introduced to vocal music as a way to build self-confidence and work with their peers to achieve a common goal. They learn a variety of musical skills, including reading music, developing their vocal capacity, and familiarizing themselves with the tools needed in order to perform in front of an audience.

Seventh and Eighth Grade

Seventh and eighth grade students have the opportunity to pursue vocal music in two different capacities. The OnStage class teaches basic singing and acting skills, with a focus on repertoire that includes musical theater, jazz, classical music, and multicultural music. Students in seventh and eighth grade are also given the ability to audition for McDonogh Singers, an advanced performance group that works on challenging material and performs at venues throughout the East Coast.

Upper School

Students interested in pursuing the many aspects of vocal music in the Upper School have a variety of options to choose from. The Concert Choir is an audition-based course with a strong focus on classical repertoire ranging from six centuries ago to modern day. The Concert Choir performs twice a year on campus and takes an international performance tour every two years. Students interested in conducting or music theory may also study those subjects within their curricular day. Extracurricular vocal music opportunities include two student-led acapella groups (The Women of Note and Gentleman Songsters), a Gospel Choir, and several performance-based events, including an Upper School musical, that take place throughout the year.