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Private Music Lessons

McDonogh proudly offers individual music lessons for students of all ages, experience levels, and musical interests. The McDonogh Music Lessons Program (formerly named Private Music) emphasizes the development of skills in creating and performing music on a specific instrument. Middle and Upper School lessons are 30 minutes, and Lower School lessons are 25 minutes. Lessons are offered during the school day as well as after school and in the evening; those lessons scheduled during the day do not interfere with academic programs.

Music instruction is offered on the following instruments:

  • Drums and Percussion: Grades 2-12
  • Brass (trumpet, trombone, and tuba): Grades 4-12
  • Woodwinds (flute, clarinet, saxophone, and oboe): Grades 4-12
  • Guitar: Grades 1-12
  • Piano: Grades K-12
  • Strings (violin, viola, and cello): Grades 1-12
  • Voice: Grades 5-12
  • Ukulele: Grades K-12

The cost for individualized music lessons is $1,650 for the school year. School holidays and activities are considered in determining the annual fee. If lessons are missed due to sickness or other school-mandated conflicts, all efforts will be made to make up the lesson at a separate time. Please note: no credits are given due to student absence. If you choose to withdraw your child from the program, no credit will be given for any remaining lessons. The fee for lessons and materials will be added to each family’s FACTS account; if you would like an alternate billing plan, please contact  

A limited number of instruments are available for rental from the department. If you are interested in knowing more about the rental program, please indicate this on your registration form.

If you wish to enroll your child, please complete the online registration form, which can be found next to your child's name on your Personal Page on the McDonogh website by Friday, August 19. Although every effort will be made to place your child in the Music Lessons Program, please keep in mind that due to potential scheduling problems, placement cannot be guaranteed. As always, preference in scheduling will be given to those students who have been previously enrolled in this program. 

Lessons will begin the second week of September and will continue through the first week of May 2023. Your child's music teacher will contact you before the lessons begin with details about the lesson schedule. 

Contact: Kara Zimmerman, 443-544-7135 or