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The Curiosity Shop

The Curiosity Shop (TCS) was founded in 2014 by the faculty of McDonogh School. While The Curiosity Shop has a physical location on campus, it is better described as a teaching and learning community whose thoughtful influence pervades all the school does.

All of the efforts of The Curiosity Shop support the broader goals of McDonogh’s long-term academic strategic plan: LifeReady. TCS believes that the work of schools is, as Grant Lichtman writes in #EdJourney, “a continuous process of thinking, an organizational habit and capability that promotes ongoing innovation practices among the valued and valuable members of the school community.” To this end, TCS is committed to the never-ending enterprise of helping to transform each and every child through his or her education.

Since its founding, The Curiosity Shop has sponsored three intensive professional development seminars for teachers. Two of these seminars have focused on the topic of “Project-Based Learning,” an approach which deeply engages students in activities that invite them to form their own questions and to construct their learning. The third seminar addressed “Team-Based Learning,” which requires students to collaborate in rigorous and purposeful ways as they tackle even the most complex concepts and content.

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