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Welcome to A Place I Know, a captivating five-part series that engages the voices of McDonogh — voices that span generations and share pieces of our collective story.

The podcast is the culmination of more than 120 interviews conducted by longtime faculty member Jon Aaron ‘72 in anticipation of the School’s 150th anniversary. Throughout the series, you will hear stories and reflections from Aaron’s many conversations. The voices bring the essence of McDonogh School — the people, places, and experiences — to life.

As you listen, we invite you to reflect on your own experiences — to find echoes of your own story within these shared moments.

Recalling unique memories and traditions, episode five illustrates McDonogh's strong community bond and the School's enduring spirit.

Focusing on personal narratives and the School's rich history, episode four covers tales from the symbolic registry to the clock tower — exploring identity, transformation, and the profound connections and stories that define the McDonogh community.

From wrestling to swimming, speakers in episode three share impactful experiences that underline the School's influence on personal growth and emphasize the lifelong connections within the McDonogh community.

Exploring McDonogh's campus history and natural allure, episode two recounts cherished memories and the environmental bond among the school community, highlighting significant trees and landscapes while reflecting on the School's spirit and educational uniqueness through personal stories.

Episode one traverses 150 years of McDonogh School. Enriched by personal stories from alumni and faculty, we spotlight the School's evolution from its 1873 founding to the present, underscoring the legacy of its traditions and community impact.

The series is produced by former Upper School art teacher Match Zimmerman who has beautifully blended Aaron’s poetic storytelling with interviews and music, all contributed by members of the McDonogh community.