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Seventh Graders Share Taste in Books Through Food Truck Project

What better way for seventh graders to share their taste in literature, than to create a food-related assignment based on a book they enjoyed? The Literary Food Truck Project, introduced by Seventh Grade Humanities teacher Sam Kennedy last year, did just that. The initiative wrapped up at the end of October when students rallied around their classmates to learn about books they could sink their teeth into.

After finishing their books, students designed a concept for a food truck based on the text and created menu items inspired by the tone and mood, theme, setting, character development, and the author's purpose. Sunde My Prince Will Come, by Suzanne Nelson, had all the essential ingredients for a food truck menu, while Kacen Callendar’s Moonflower became the inspiration for the name of the Moonflower Cafe truck.

“Not only does this project give students a chance to practice their presentation skills, but also to demonstrate their understanding of the literary elements, explore their creativity, and have fun,” says Kennedy.

The seventh graders served their enticing literary food truck ideas to their classmates at a celebration featuring snacks to go with their trucks such as ice cream bites, s’mores cookies, and samosas. The project earned rave reviews and left students hungry to read more.

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