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Orators Deliver Flawless Speeches

It’s not easy to stand on the stage of the Horn Theatre and deliver a speech you have written. But a handful of seventh and eighth graders, who polished and practiced their personal narratives, and observational and persuasive speeches did so with ease in front of an audience of their peers on Monday, May 1.

The presentations, the culmination of the annual Middle School Oratory program, began with explanations from seventh-grade emcees Bryce H. and Tory C. They explained that seventh graders were asked to write a personal narrative about a significant moment in their lives—one of deep realization, great joy or sadness, or a simple moment that stood out to the author for a personal reason. They noted, “Their writing is descriptive, and our speakers worked hard to incorporate vivid sensory details to help the audience visualize their stories effectively.”

The five seventh-grade finalists Ethan T., Grace K., Rajan M., Taylor W., and Jake K. delivered speeches with the intriguing titles: The Pause, Just a Few Meters Away, Devil's Bridge, Behind the Mask, and One More Hour.

For their essays, eighth graders had the option to describe an experience that gave them insight into themselves and their lives, make a persuasive argument about a topic of personal or societal importance, or make a humorous observation about the world around them. “The five eighth-grade speakers today represent topics from each of these categories,” said Emcee Maks O. 

The five finalists from the Class of 2027 were Ava D., Tag B., Trey O., Alexa G., and Natalie H. The titles of their enlightening and enjoyable speeches were: Clouded Judgement, What Caused This?, A Clock's Hands are Fake, What's the Pointe?, and Tell Me Why?

Congratulations to all the finalists and the emcees on their flawless performances.