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New Faculty and Staff Welcomed to the McDonogh Family

McDonogh School is happy to welcome 32 new faculty and staff members to the McDonogh Family. Their 2021-2022 school year officially began on Thursday, August 19 as they participated in a two-day orientation. After learning the nuts and bolts of the School, they enjoyed a campus walking tour that ended at Roots Farm where they discovered more about McDonogh's mission and culture. On Monday, August 23 they were officially introduced to the rest of the faculty and staff at the opening meeting.

Welcome to:

Allison Adams: Kindergarten Associate
Kelly Blavatt: Office of Philanthropy/MPA Liaison
Meghan Busan: Kindergarten Lead
Cara Ciano: PreK Associate
Claire Davis: LS Music
Kelly Davison: MS Science
Moutarou Diallo: US French
David Doherty: US English
Victoria Elias: Third Grade
Carliana Folfas ‘16: Admissions
Kevin Godfrey: Maintenance
Brian Harat: US Latin
Patrick Hickey: Grounds
Kathy Hirsch: Prefirst Associate
Evelyn Hoffmann: LS Art
Maria Johnson: Project Manager
Elizabeth Keeney: US Math
Julie McClernan: Early Childhood Associate
Patrick Muth: Office of Philanthropy
Silvia Patterson: LS Associate Head
Clarissa Pezone: US Visual Arts
Pilar Okeson: LS Librarian
Courtney Rainey: US Math
Keri Sackey: Kindergarten Associate
Carmen Sambuco: US Librarian
Carlye Schock: US English
Dayla Simon: Fourth Grade
Holly Thompson: MS Art
Hal Turner: Ancillary Programs
Riley Valentine: US History
Cheney Williams ‘07: Kindergarten Associate
Dan Yarborough: Athletics