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Middle School Launches The Eagle Eye Broadcast

“Coming to you virtually from the 1873 Room,” the Middle School launched the first episode of The Eagle Eye, a news and entertainment production, on Monday, September 14. The program, which was broadcast during advisory period, was complete with upcoming events, a feature story, the weather, and a pun.

Hosted by seventh graders William A. and Duncan S., the premier episode began with a warm welcome from the Head of Middle School Kristy Lundstrom who shared her enthusiasm for the school year and highlighted the weeks ahead. This segment was followed by an interview with seventh grade equestrian Sophie W., by field reporters Dallyce H. ‘26 and Aanya K. ‘26. The piece included video footage of Sophie in McDonogh’s outdoor ring where she demonstrated her riding skills. The broadcast wrapped up with “Pun Time,” providing viewers with a laugh to start their day. Other seventh graders working behind the scenes on the inaugural installment were writers Catherine Z. and Maya R., editors Justin L. and Devesh S., and pun writer Jace K. 

Middle School Vocal Music and On Stage teacher Suzie Eldridge explains the genesis of the idea for a news program saying, “Last spring a lot of information was coming to the Middle School from the administration and teachers. But, we were missing that secret ingredient that makes McDonogh so special—the connection between students. This broadcast will allow us to showcase student work that may otherwise be missed.”

Eldridge got the ball rolling during the summer when she introduced the idea and encouraged middle schoolers to submit names for the production, which were later voted on. More than 15 names were suggested including The McD Wakeup Call, Messages from McDonogh Middle, McDonogh's Weekly Buzz, Good Morning MCD, McDonogh Magnet, McDonogh News, and the fan-favorite The Eagle Eye.

Initially, the editors, anchors, and writers will be students in Eldridge’s OnStage Class and those in her seventh grade advisory. “My goal is to have this as student-centered as possible with my role being as an advisor throughout,” Eldridge says. As interest grows and depending on their workload, students will rotate in and out of the key positions. All Middle School faculty and students are encouraged to submit story ideas which are then considered for upcoming broadcasts.

So far, The Eagle Eye is right on target in terms of development and production. As Eldridge notes, “The process was daunting at first, but after having one episode under our belt I think we are in a groove.”

Watch the premiere episode of The Eagle Eye.