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Tradition of Scholarship Celebrated at Luncheon

More than 350 students, donors and mentors, Living Legacy Society members, trustees, faculty and staff, and special guests gathered in Paterakis Hall on April 11 to celebrate scholarship, one of McDonogh’s most important and enduring traditions. Head of School Dave Farace ’87 welcomed the guests saying, “As a former scholarship student, this is an exceptionally personal and meaningful event.”

He spoke about scholarship as the foundation of McDonogh School noting, “The generosity of John McDonogh is why we exist, and the generosity of the donors in this room and those who came before you is why we continue to prosper. It’s why we are able to offer life-altering opportunities to amazing students who exhibit tremendous promise.”

After the luncheon, Farace introduced alumni speaker Erika Seth Davies ‘94 and student speaker Tait Thorne ‘19. Both expressed their gratitude toward their families, faculty members, and the school for the love and support they received as students. Davies, who currently serves as McDonogh’s Associate Director of Development, spoke about how different her life may have been had she not received scholarship support. She marveled at the wide range of talent among the students at the luncheon and encouraged them to continue to work for success.

Tait dovetailed on her sentiment saying, “All of us scholarship students are sitting here today for a reason, we were lucky enough to be chosen, because we are believed to bring purpose. Each and every sponsor in this room believes in the fact that we can all bring something different to the table, and for that, they wanted to give us all a shot at a dream we never could have even dreamed up ourselves.”

Listen to Tait's speech here.
Listen to Erika's speech here.