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New Members Inducted Into Cum Laude Society

McDonogh School’s Cum Laude Society welcomed 33 new members from the Classes of 2019 and 2020 during the 58th annual induction ceremony on Friday, April 26. They joined 17 seniors who were inducted in 2018. The national honor society, which recognizes academic achievement grounded in character, honesty, and integrity, is modeled after the Phi Beta Kappa collegiate honor society.

The 16 initiates from the Class of 2019 are Lacey Allee-Press, Michael Ancel, Mateo Aron-Ortiz, Ethan Cherry, Luke DeMartin, William Haskey, Brooke Hollenberger, Grace Kelly, Ian Macdonald, Lukas Michaelson, Sean Nolan, Sam Ryan, Benjamin Simon, Benjamin Smith, Margaux Trexler, and Grace Wright.

The 17 initiates from the Class of 2020 are: Kaleb Assefa, Ethan Bers, Kelsey Cashman, Hannah Dunleavy, Madeleine Green, Caitlin Hoffman, Zain Khan, Surya Khatri, Charles Lockyer, Luke Luo, Isabella Marsh, Charlotte Messaris, Daniel Mulhern, Laya Neelakandan, Kamila Redd, Emily Anne Schuster, and Dylan Wang.

Addressing the initiates, their parents, and the Upper School community at the ceremony was McDonogh parent and trustee Dr. Leigh Ann Curl. She is Chief of Orthopaedics at MedStar Harbor Hospital, the Head Orthopaedic Surgeon for the Baltimore Ravens, President of the NFL Physicians Society, and Assistant Team Physician for the Baltimore Orioles.

Dr. Curl spoke about her journey from being a sports-loving, A-student who grew up in Pittsburgh; to a collegiate athlete playing basketball for the University of Connecticut; and most recently, to becoming the first female team physician in the NFL. She told the audience that she never had a plan, but with the support of mentors, she pursued what she loved. She explained that when she was questioned about her ability to practice orthopedic medicine, she stayed the course saying, “I loved it too much not to do it.” Competitive by nature, she was not going to be outworked by her male colleagues.

In closing, Dr. Curl shared her Top 10 List of Things She’s Learned Along the Way. They are:

  1. Appreciate and celebrate your scholastic ability… it is a valuable gift and a path forward to opportunity and success.
  2. Recognize and cherish the inner pride that achievement yields…. It will comfort and carry you through difficult times.
  3. Play a sport: There is a saying that sports both builds and reveals character. It’s true… how you handle winning and losing, how hard you practice on days you don’t feel like it, and what type of teammate you are will teach you a lot about yourself.
  4. Pursue the things that you genuinely love and that bring you the most excitement… it will make the hard days a bit easier.
  5. Learn to recognize and accept the advice of true mentors… follow their lead.
  6. Have the courage to be different.
  7. Expect that your most valued accomplishments will likely be the ones that were the hardest or often the unexpected.
  8. Sometimes it’s ok not to have a plan. Find success in the moment at hand and a plan will often find you.
  9. Trust your gut along the way.
  10. Most importantly, along your life’s journey be good to yourself, your family, and the community around you. Success does not occur in a vacuum and true success will ultimately be reflected in how you have impacted those around you.

Before leaving the podium, she added one more thing to her list, saying, “It’s possible to grow up a Steelers fan and become a die-hard Ravens fan.”

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