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Beckie Lamborn Honored With Teaching Chair

Beckie Lamborn is joined on stage by her daughter Taylor ’07 and brother-and sister-in-law Alan '64 and Joan Lamborn.


A deep sense of service and genuine love for McDonogh are among Beckie Lamborn’s many attributes. On Tuesday, February 12 at the winter Faculty and Staff meeting, Lamborn was recognized for these qualities and fittingly honored with the Louis E. Lamborn Master Teaching Chair.

The endowed chair, named for her grandfather-in-law “Doc” Lamborn, was established with the generous gifts of 13 alumni from the classes of 1943 to 1957 and the France-Merrick Foundation. Doc Lamborn was a charismatic Head of School and a visionary leader. During his 26-year tenure from 1926 to 1952, he saved McDonogh from financial ruin and transformed the school into a leading independent educational institution.

Prior to presenting the award, Head of School Dave Farace ’87 spoke about Beckie who began her own career at McDonogh in November 2000 as a part-time assistant teacher in the Lower School. Eighteen years later, she is a Lower School Art Teacher. Farace said, “Little did we know at the time just how much assistance and inspiration this devoted teacher would offer to everyone around. From our prekindergarten children to our Upper School athletes, McDonogh students receive the best this teacher/coach has to offer every single day. She does not seek the spotlight but redirects whatever attention and praise she receives back to her students. She is exceptionally modest and singularly kind.”

In speaking about her work in the classroom Farace said, “Her innate talents and her years of experience combine to enable her to provide children with age-appropriate activities that pique their interests, engage their imaginations, and provide them with rewarding results.”

Later, he quoted Co-Athletic Director Mickey Deegan who described Lamborn saying, “She is a passionate, warm, and nurturing coach who has an unlimited amount of patience when teaching girls to lob a tennis ball over a net or dribble a hockey ball or basketball. Believe it or not, behind that sweet and gentle voice is a tiger who wants to compete and win - but not at any cost.”

Farace concluded, “I know of no other family that can claim such a profound and poignant relationship with McDonogh School.” Beckie Lamborn has added to that legacy.