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Smooth Sailing at the Cardboard Boat Race

It was fair winds and calm seas for the 34th annual Cardboard Boat Race on Friday, May 24. Seven meticulously crafted cardboard boats, designed by teams of Upper School students, embarked on their first—and last—journey across the duck pond. The names of the vessels: Dinoco Pit Crew, Strawberry Shortcake, Thomas the Train, Safari Boat, Subrina the Yellow Submarina, Magic School Bus, and Float Away to Rio.

After two heats in front of an enthusiastic crowd, teams sailed back to the Fader Innovation Center for the award ceremony. Congratulations to all the participants and to the builders of Subrina the Yellow Submarina who were awarded the BOB (Best Overall Boat) trophy—made of cardboard, of course!

Below is a full list of the awards and recipients:

Heat 1: Subrina the Yellow Submarina
Heat 2: Strawberry Shortcake
Heat 3: Subrina the Yellow Submarina
Cheap Boat: Safari Boat
Valiant Effort: Float Away to Rio
Payload: Subrina the Yellow Submarina
Pure Gall: Magic School Bus
Creative Engineering: Dinoco Pit Crew
Procession: Subrina the Yellow Submarina
Aesthetic Value: Magic School Bus
Building Technique: Subrina the Yellow Submarina
Poseidon Adventure: Thomas the Train
Best Overall Boat: Subrina the Yellow Submarina