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Mookntaka's Friends & Follies

Head of School Dave Farace joined the prefirst class for a visit to the Tuttle Gallery on December 1 to experience the joyful reverie that is Mookntaka’s Friends and Follies. The exhibit features a cast of inflatable sculptures by Brooklyn duo Mookntaka which personifies the wonder and whimsical lens we use to investigate our surroundings. Later, at a gallery reception, children of all ages found joy in unexpected places and embraced the silliness and curiosity of their inner child as they toured the show. The exhibit will be on display through December 16. The artists, Karyn and Mark, will visit McDonogh in the Spring to work with Robert Penn's Fashion and Fibers classes. They'll conduct workshops teaching students how to make their own inflatable sculptures. View this exhibit and previous collections on the Tuttle Gallery website.