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Let the Games Begin

“Let the games begin!” exclaimed senior Natalie Fluery, dressed as the Greek god Apollo, as she officially kicked off a morning of learning about Ancient Greece with Kate Hailstone’s excited third-grade students.

The April 26 event, hosted by Dr. Elizabeth Bartlett’s Topics in Advanced Latin class, was an experiential learning opportunity centered around ancient athletics. Upper School students reinforced their own learning as they passed down their knowledge to the lower schoolers.

The third graders, who were divided into four teams, rotated around four ancient Greek locations: Athens, Olympia, Corinth, and Delphi. At each location they learned something about Greek history, geography, Latin, and sportsmanship before competing in the ancient games including discus throw, long jump, sprinting, and wrestling (the thumb variety). In the end, only one team emerged victoriously, but everyone was a winner.