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Eighth-Grade Closing Ceremony Looks Back and Ahead

Endings and beginnings, looking back and looking ahead, and taking advantage of new opportunities were the recurring themes at the Eighth-Grade Closing Ceremony on Monday, June 6 on Childs Memorial Terrace. 

Student speaker Jolie Citron ‘26 illustrated how her classmates have successfully grown and changed as they moved from building to building across campus. She then assured them that although Allan and Naylor buildings may seem intimidating, their class spirit will fill the space perfectly. Dovetailing on her remarks, Nate Winnie ‘26 told the rising freshmen, “You can either see Upper School as an obligation or an opportunity.” He encouraged them to embrace the opportunities, meet new people, and gain new perspectives. “The experiences you have, the things you learn, and the people you meet will mold you into the person you become when you enter the world,” he added. 

Following the presentation of awards, Head of Middle School Robyn Little reflected on the growth of the eighth grade over the past four years and reminded them that they are the navigator of their Upper School path. “You, class of 2026, have all of the tools needed to successfully advocate for yourself, build strong, lasting friendships, and make an indelible mark in the Upper School,” she said.

After the presentation of certificates of completion to the 114 students, Little concluded the ceremony by introducing the group as the freshman class of McDonogh School—the Class of 2026.

Contributing photographer: Irvin Simon Photography