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The Logo Project

When looking to test their students’ understanding of a particular unit of study, McDonogh teachers are always looking for fun and inspiring projects that bring joy to learning. Eighth grade math teachers Tina Karpovich and Willie Little had that in mind when they developed the Logo Project to assess their students’ grasp of the common types of transformation in geometry.  

Students were tasked with designing a logo for a future company, that represents their interests, by applying and explaining their knowledge of the four different types of transformations:

Translation: when a figure is slid in any direction;

Rotation: when a figure is rotated a certain degree around a point;

Dilation: when a figure is enlarged or reduced; and

Reflection: when a figure is flipped over a point, a line, or a plane.

The results are impressive. The Logo Project is a great example of teachers assessing their students' comprehension by giving them an outlet for expression while also grounding the material in something personal.