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Prefirst Keeps Tradition of Service Alive

The coronavirus has impacted those who are experiencing homelessness particularly hard. This vulnerable population tends to be older, suffering from underlying medical conditions, and lacking access to proper nutrition and the supplies needed to maintain the high level of hygiene required to keep the virus at bay.

Prefirst teacher Mary-Catherine Irving has been serving those living on the streets of Baltimore for decades and knows all too well the extra challenges they are facing during the pandemic. That is why she felt it was very important to maintain the prefirst tradition of creating snack bags that she will hand out to those in need over the weekend.

COVID-19 brought new challenges to this noble endeavor as well. Normally, Irving would be supported by volunteers who would help guide her students thorough the process of packaging the snacks. This year, however, it was all up to Irving and her associate teacher Alli Adams. To further complicate things, students could not share the scoops used to move the snacks from bowl to bag so each student had to have their own set. While students have always been sure to thoroughly wash and sanitize their hands before creating the bags, this year it was of particular importance. After creating their bags of nutritious and delicious treats, the class created sweet notes and pictures to accompany the snacks in the hope of raising the spirits of those who will receive them.