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First Graders Are Busy Bees

Roots Farm was abuzz with first graders eager to learn about the lives of honey bees on Wednesday, March 11. After studying the importance of honey bees to the ecosystem in class, students went to Roots to complete activities that would both give them a better understanding of honey bees' role in food production and benefit McDonogh's own honey bee population. 

Each first grade class spent time at four different learning stations. At the apple tree pollination station students played the roles of apple trees and honey bees to gain a hands-on understanding of how bees transport pollen between plants. Next, in a food market pollinator game, students learned how vital pollination is to the food supply chain and enjoyed a snack of honey and apples. At the third station, they painted beehive boxes in vibrant colors to help bees identify their homes. Finally, at the honey bee wildflower mix station, students learned about the types of flowers that attract honey bees and created seed packets that they will plant later in the spring.