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Yearbook Staffers Building a Legacy

Some of the best learning at McDonogh happens when upper schoolers share their experience and knowledge with lower schoolers. Legacy staff members Meggie Lee '20 and Sarah Talbert '21 visited with the fourth grade lower school yearbook club on Thursday, March 7, to share everything they've learned about making a good yearbook. "It's so awesome to be able to help teach the next generation something that we are so passionate about, and it was even more awesome to see that they were passionate about yearbook too," Meggie said. After a presentation about proper techniques for yearbook writing and photography, Meggie and Sarah shared actual proofs from The Legacy. "It was really fun to see how they reacted to seeing the proofs, and it was really impressive how much they had already learned about what makes a good yearbook," Sarah recalled. Considering the enthusiasm of the lower schoolers and the steady guidance of the current staff, it looks like The Legacy will be in good hands for years to come.