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Understanding Leads to Action

Carrying a couple gallons of water over a distance of a mile is not an easy task. On Wednesday, October 17, the sixth grade made the trek around campus to Roots Farm, as a way to gain a deeper understanding of what children in other parts of the world experience on a daily basis. The Water Walk was the final piece of the sixth grade’s lesson on the global water crisis and how they can help. In September, they spent a day learning about places impacted by the crisis, building a water filter, and creating a public service announcement. They also heard from a representative from the Ugandan Water Project who spoke about the work they do and demonstrated the impact a simple water filter can have on the lives of the people. The McDonogh students then made it their goal to do chores to earn enough money to fund a water filter, a rainwater collection system, or to rehabilitate a borehole well at a school in Uganda.