Miranda Grabill - Riding Instructor - Head Varsity Equestrian Coach - About - McDonogh School

Miranda Grabill, Riding Instructor, Head Varsity Equestrian Coach

Photographer: Langston Riding ’25

What inspired you to work at a school?   

I started riding at McDonogh when I was in the first grade. It was my main passion during my 12 years as a student here. I loved working at the barn on the weekends and holiday breaks, and I always thought it would be great if I could work here one day. I took a few years after graduation to figure out where I wanted to be and what I wanted to do. When an opportunity arose for me to work here full-time, I knew it was meant to be, and it felt like I had come home.

 What is most rewarding about working with students/young people?  

I love seeing that moment when the "light bulb turns on" and all of a sudden the student "gets it." These moments can occur quickly, but more often than not, they take time and hard work. The excitement you see on a student's face at this moment is why I love what I do.  

What are your passionate hobbies outside of school?  

I can always be found reading a book or binge-watching some reality TV competition show.  

How do you recharge and find inspiration?

I enjoy spending time with my family and relaxing at home. I also find that after I watch national-level competitions, I am eager to get back out there to teach the students and to help them to be the best that they can be.