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Artifact, Art, & Ephemera Collections

The Archives maintains a large collection of artifacts, memorabilia, and ephemera related to the history of McDonogh School, its students, and faculty. One of the largest and most significant collections is its Military Collection, which consists of over 300 military uniforms and accoutrement, and over 1000 pieces of military insignia which documents almost every style and change made during the first 100 years of the School. Other collections contained in Special Collections include paintings and illustrations by former faculty member, E. Carey Kenney, a collection of etchings by British artist and illustrator, Eileen Sopor (1905-1990), and sculptures by world-renowned artist and former McDonogh School student, Edward Marshall Boehm.

McDonogh School's archival materials are made available solely for historical research. Documents and images may contain attitudes and/or behaviors that do not represent the School's commitment to equity and inclusion, and their availability should not be taken as an endorsement of such.