Exploring the Playground

This pair of prk students explored the playground and peeked out from the innovative display of insects and gears that they turned into a special meeting place.

Wednesday, 3/14

Spring on the Horizon

Students wore snow suits and boots for a little fun in the snow the week before spring break.

Friday, 3/9

Celebration of Non-Fiction

Second grade students hosted a Literacy Museum where they celebrated their non-fiction reading skills. Faculty and students from other classes came to the presentations and learned a lot about a variety of non-fictional topics including the woodland animals seen below.

Thursday, 3/8

Sunny Day

These two kindergarten students enjoyed basking in the sun after a few cold, snowy, and icy February days.
Monday, 2/19

Ornate and Bright

Smiles were bright, and the sounds of holiday cheer filled the Kelly Center, as fourth graders made snowflake ornaments to celebrate the joys of the season.

Thursday, 12/21, 2017

Playful Moments

Here students start the day engaged in playful moments on the Prekindergarten playground. Children dig in the mulch and sand, broom away mulch, climb, talk with their friends, and have table activities, as the teachers provide many thoughtful opportunities to socialize and learn. 

Friday, 10/27, 2017

Peace Garden

After reading one of our Learning for Living Books about the Forgiveness Garden, students from the first and second grade painted a colorful rock to help build a garden of peace. It coincides with the lessons the children have been learning with the making of mandalas and thoughtful creations during recess.

Monday, 10/23, 2017

Rainy Monday

Teachers on bus duty share a smile on a soggy Monday morning.

Monday, 10/9, 2017

Building and Mindfulness

McDonogh's Lower School has been finding ways to bring out creative and mindful moments on the playground. Here a prekindergarten student plays with outdoor wooden blocks, and she is entertained and engaged.

Wednesday, 10/4, 2017

Math and Meaningful Moments

High School students began working on a math project having to do with kites. The students began their work by flying kites with the prek children and letting the curiosity about math swirl in the wind.

Thursday, 9/28, 2017

Play and Learn

This school year there are new outdoor wooden blocks that are now part of the playground, and they are providing many of opportunities to have fun and learn together.
Tuesday, 9/19, 2017

The New Year has Begun

The 2017 -2018 School Year has begun!!

And on this rainy day if you look closely,
 you may see a blue heron flying over McDonogh's beautiful landscape. 

Tuesday, 8/29, 2017


The school year came to an end and appreciation was evident. Students made a big sign to show their  teacher lots of love. A teacher brings in her lovable pet for a visit in the open air to bring smiles to her students. And the Roots farm invites families of new students to plant seeds that will be harvested in the fall when we return. Summer begins and appreciation is everywhere.

Friday, 6/16, 2017

National Park Rangers Visit McD

The children in Mrs. Lewis' second grade wore their time travel ranger hats and became modern day advocates for the environment and nature. The children told the story of our past and the people who protected our National Parks, while sharing the need to continue that advocacy today. Happy "101" Birthday, National Parks!

Thursday, 5/18, 2017

Memory Game Creations

Children in kindergarten finished up the year in art by making their own memory game images. Here the homeroom teacher joins in the game, as the children concentrate and try to find matching images

Tuesday, 5/16, 2017

Learning for Living on Stage

Three of the Second grade classes produced their own plays, as they related to a selection of Learning for Living Books. The children did their own scenery and props, as well as decided on their scripts and production. Nine books were highlighted and children were divided into groups. They finished off with a lovely song with their music teacher.

Thursday, 5/4, 2017

First Grade Regularly Reading

This first grade regularly gathers together to read with their teacher. Comprehension and organizational skills are highlighted throughout this important, interesting, and fun activity.

Monday, 4/17, 2017

Spring Ahead

Students from prek got a taste of snow on the Friday leading up to our spring break vacation. Now we're back in session, and it's time to Spring Ahead into the activities and adventures that teachers have been planning. These prk students will be venturing into a nature unit in the coming weeks.

Friday, 3/31, 2017

A Special Post

If you're a prekindergarten student you may have a new post. That is to say, you may be posting a letter to the mail or receiving one the old fashioned way.  Children in PrK are learning about postmen and the postal system, and teachers and the McDonogh community have been invited to participate. Contact the PrK team, if you'd like to be a part of this new and exciting communication.

Monday, 1/9, 2017

Winter Art Projects

Students in McDonogh's PrK, K, and First grade classes joyfully created winter art projects using paints and other materials, as seen in the examples below.

Sunday, 12/18, 2016

Being Grateful

First grade participated in a service activity this past November. Here they are shown working with parent volunteers and packing treats for homeless families in Baltimore city. Also, kindergarten students are shown making a "thank you" art piece after viewing a video clip of Todd Parr sharing ideas about Gratitude.

Friday, 12/2, 2016

Pep Rally

Students across all divisions participated in the McDonogh pep rally in advance of the weekend football game against Gilman. The day was perfect for the walk to the stadium, where high school students led cheers and step dances to create a wonderfully spirited atmosphere.

Monday, 11/14, 2016

Museum Trip

Prefirst students enjoyed a trip to the Baltimore Museum of Art. The docents took the children on a Parts of Art tour, and students experienced a variety of engaging works that left them wanting to go back to the museum again.

Monday, 11/14, 2016

Beautiful Day for a Parade

Lower School enjoyed an afternoon all dressed up with places to go. Students began their walk by traveling to the Horn theater for a show filled with skits, song, and dance. Following the show children joined their parents and teachers to parade around campus in their wonderful costumes on an absolutely beautiful day!

Thursday, 11/3, 2016

Practice Makes Perfect

McDonogh students worked together to help each other during an evacuation drill last week. The students helped the youngest practice staying calm and organized in the event an evacuation would ever be necessary. The drills went smoothly, and who knows, maybe a moment of serendipity occurred, and we now have a student or two who want to be EMT's or firemen.
Monday, 10/10, 2016

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