Being Grateful

First grade participated in a service activity this past November. Here they are shown working with parent volunteers and packing treats for homeless families in Baltimore city. Also, kindergarten students are shown making a "thank you" art piece after viewing a video clip of Todd Parr sharing ideas about Gratitude.

Friday, 12/2

Pep Rally

Students across all divisions participated in the McDonogh pep rally in advance of the weekend football game against Gilman. The day was perfect for the walk to the stadium, where high school students led cheers and step dances to create a wonderfully spirited atmosphere.

Monday, 11/14

Museum Trip

Prefirst students enjoyed a trip to the Baltimore Museum of Art. The docents took the children on a Parts of Art tour, and students experienced a variety of engaging works that left them wanting to go back to the museum again.

Monday, 11/14

Beautiful Day for a Parade

Lower School enjoyed an afternoon all dressed up with places to go. Students began their walk by traveling to the Horn theater for a show filled with skits, song, and dance. Following the show children joined their parents and teachers to parade around campus in their wonderful costumes on an absolutely beautiful day!

Thursday, 11/3

Practice Makes Perfect

McDonogh students worked together to help each other during an evacuation drill last week. The students helped the youngest practice staying calm and organized in the event an evacuation would ever be necessary. The drills went smoothly, and who knows, maybe a moment of serendipity occurred, and we now have a student or two who want to be EMT's or firemen.
Monday, 10/10

Rainy Day Recess

Students may wonder, "How high can I go" as they enjoy blocks and other games during a rainy day recess. The sky is the limit, and so are the hopes and dreams of our lower schoolers.

Thursday, 9/29


Lower school students explore and find joy in their discoveries. Here two kindergarten students look on with curiosity. First a student notices each of the caterpillars in the jar have begun the first stages of building their chrysalises and formed the letter "J".  Also, a student studies her features in a mirror before creating a self portrait.

Here is an added photo of children excited to see the development of another chrysalis.

Thursday, 9/22


Lower School chapel was held this past Friday, and students sang songs as part of the the Mindfulness unit that is being highlighted throughout the school. Students are learning the value of "being present" through books and lessons in and out of their classrooms.
Monday, 9/19

Aquapalooza Fun

Lower school children enjoyed the fun of running through sprinklers, playing games, and sliding on water slides, during a perfect September Friday afternoon. The students were rewarded with the fun and games after reading many books over the summer, and the good reading habits are continuing now that school year has begun.

Friday, 9/9

School Year Begins

Children arrive on the first days of school eager to meet their new teachers, reconnect with their friends, and greet the challenges and joys of the new year.

Friday, 9/2

Summer Creativity

Second Grade Students finished the year making creative mosaics. Some even took paper tiles home to continue creating projects over the summer. 
May summer provide time for creative and relaxing opportunities.

Wednesday, 6/15

Lower School Closing Ceremony and Graduation

Rain may have brought this year's ceremony inside, but the day was glorious and filled with shining moments. Mrs. Robins shared words of advice written by our fourth grade students, and through celebration, song, music, and the traditional passing of the grade banners, our students all graduated to their next year of study.  Summer is now in session, and we will be back in the Fall for more learning and discovery. 

Sunday, 6/5

Appreciation from "Owl" of Mrs. Alperstein's Class

Teachers were treated with a wonderful appreciation lunch by parents this past Friday. After lunch one first grade teacher came back to her room only to find an added dose of appreciation. The door was decorated by the students in appreciation of all they'd learned from their wise and wonderful teacher, Mrs. Alperstein.

Friday, 5/20

Be The Best of Whatever You Are

Students in McDonogh's youngest grades have been singing and learning the words to Douglass Malloch's Poem, Be the Best of Whatever You Are. In the art room they collaborated to provide artwork and music to create a visual depiction of the poem. Below are some examples of the children's work.

Friday, 5/20

Math Explosion

The overcast weather did not put a damper on the lower school's Math Explosion led by math specialist, Mrs. Little. The day was planned for Pk through 4 in the format of  "The Amazing Race" and students worked in groups to solve math challenges. Food and beverages were also provided by an amazing group of parent volunteers who also manned the math stations.

Thursday, 5/5

Second Grader Becomes Headmaster for a Day

The Second grader below led the school as honorary headmaster for a day. He gave free-dress as his first order of business, and he greeted the students during morning arrival. The busy day also included meetings and tours with Mr. Britton.

Saturday, 4/30

Trips to the BMA

 First grade students toured the Baltimore Museum of Art in search of artistic animals. They found many, and then continued their search for animals at the Baltimore zoo. 
It was a full day of furry feathery fun.

Fourth grade also toured the museum looking for examples of how one could "Imagine Home". It was a great trip with lots of examples for the students to study, think about, and share meaningful stories about art.

Friday, 4/15

Spring Blossoms

Inspired by the blossoms blooming on campus, Kindergarten Students looked at Van Gogh's Almond Blossom Painting and made their own blossom trees.

Friday, 4/8

Advocating for Self and Others

Students from PreKindergarten to Fourth grade assembled this past Friday to learn about advocating for self and others. Fourth grade students led the conversation and shared videos to give examples of children sticking up for each other, whether bullying or just making common sense decisions. Additional photo shows fourth grade self regulating their math lesson, by working on decomposing fractions and answering the math message.

Tuesday, 2/23

Learning is Fun

Kindergarten students prepare a chocolate-iced house with their teacher in advance of their reading lesson on the Three Little Pigs. Students will build lasting relationships, as they cooperate and build their houses made of straw, sticks, and bricks (crackers, pretzels, and red licorice).
Wednesday, 1/6

Bring in the New Year

These kindergarten students brought in the New Year with a smile and a creation. They are wearing their New Year's Resolution crowns, and whether their resolution is to read more books, help in the kitchen, or climb on the monkey bars, it will be an exciting new year in the lower school.

Tuesday, 1/5

Season of Love

As holidays approach and we take time to appreciate the loving support that surrounds us,   Kindergarten students walked with their teachers to the Horn theater to sing for their Grandparents on Grandparents' Day.  May the season allow us to "Celebrate Love in the World," as the handmade poster reads from the K-2 class.

Wednesday, 12/9, 2015

Stuff A Bus

McDonogh and Gilman came together in advance of their 100th game rivalry to do good deeds for the community. In addition to working together to renovate a city playground, the students also brought canned foods in to stuff a bus for Baltimore area food banks.

Friday, 11/6, 2015

Baltimore Museum Trip

Prefirst students enjoyed a trip to the BMA where the "Parts of Art" were found in paintings, mobiles, sculptures, decorative Cone Sister memorabilia, and more. Students were intrigued by the works they saw, and they asked questions with great curiosity. Most wanted to see more and hope to make plans to go visit again with their parents.

Sunday, 11/1, 2015

Blankets of Hope

Third grade students were ready and excited to contribute their time to make blankets for cancer patients and others in need. Service is a big part of the McDonogh compass, and here the children are preparing for the big "Day of Hope". They will also be working with high school students to produce the blankets.

Friday, 10/16, 2015

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