Stories to Warm Your Heart

Mr. Grega came back on a cold afternoon to share stories with our lower school students. Recess was held indoors due to below zero temperatures, and here students from first and second grade sat together in the library to hear stories that held exciting adventures and thoughtful lessons.

Friday, 2/20

Math and Art

Ninth grade students built trapezoids in their class, and connected with lower school art students to create a temporary arch during a Valentine's Day Lunch. Children passed through the arch and enjoyed the colorful decorations designed by some our second grade artists.

Thursday, 2/12

Maryland State Artists

Three Lower School Artists were selected to show their work at the Walter's in Maryland's Art Education Association's art exhibition. The pieces were shown alongside works by 160 students in varying grades from public and private schools across the state.

Sunday, 1/18

Self Expression and Selflessness in the New Year

The chapel theme for kindergarten through first grade on the first day back in January centered around the value of self expression. Art and music were highlighted as examples of ways we can share our feelings and uniqueness with others. Later in the week first grade students engaged in selfless acts by creating warm blankets that will be delivered to people in need during the cold winter nights.

Friday, 1/9

Young Artists Exhibit at the Walter's Museum

This Sunday some of our lower school artists were recognized during the opening of an AIMS Lower School Art Exhibit, which was held at the prestigious Walters Art Museum.
Coordinated by Joan Newcomer, student works from more than 15 AIMS schools across the state were exhibited in the Sculpture Court of the Gallery, and they will continue to be on display through December 13th. The event and its organizers shined a remarkable light on the arts, as they embraced the artists, their families, teachers, and friends, during this spectacular occasion.

Monday, 11/24, 2014

Rights of Others

This week Lower School students put their time and effort into learning about the rights of others. Whether looking at people around the world, close at home, or thinking about the world's smallest living creatures, students gained a strong sense of passion and empathy throughout their studies. Here fourth graders made posters and figures with thoughtful words to express an understanding of children's rights.

Friday, 11/21, 2014

Halloween Characters

Some students and teachers arrive in character and begin the day with a smile. Miss Frizzle, a Dragon, and a Candy Machine are only the beginning of the Halloween fun, as a lower school assembly and parade are planned for later in the afternoon.

Friday, 10/31, 2014

Field trip to the Walter's Museum

First grade students had an exciting day this past week. They visited the Walter's Art Museum where they learned about animals and how they can be depicted in art. After the tour students then boarded the bus and went on to spend the afternoon at the zoo. It was a fun-filled, fantastic day!

Monday, 10/27, 2014

Dudley Hall

Here one student and teacher welcome those entering Dudley Hall where a pumpkin has been growing.  On this day students would later take a hayride to the Roots Garden with their science teacher to harvest the many pumpkins that have been growing, since the beginning of the school year.
Saturday, 10/4, 2014


Friendships blossom on the playground, and these two friends shared a smile and some fallen pink petals that they found under a bush.

Wednesday, 9/17, 2014

Third Grade Shoe Shine Day

Third grade students invited family and friends to get a shoe shine after reading The Shoeshine Girl and learning about compassion. Proceeds from their event will go toward the making of fleece blankets to comfort cancer patients.

Tuesday, 9/16, 2014

New School Year

Students arrive with smiles on their faces and strides in their steps, as they make their way to Dudley and Elderkin Halls during the first week of the 2014 school year.
Friday, 8/29, 2014

Lower School Closing Ceremony

Lower school students and their families celebrated the graduation of our fourth graders and the promotion all our students to new grade levels during a festive Closing Ceremony. As part of the ceremony, Mrs. Lidston shared the wise and wonderful words of our fourth graders. These included some vivid memories about getting feet wet and teachers using blow dryers to dry socks, as well as some sage advice for the younger children about doing homework at home and not on the bus to school. After certificates, hugs, and encouragement to get outside and enjoy the summer fireflies, the students were dismissed for summer vacation and a fourth grade reception.

Friday, 5/30, 2014

Move Up Day

Fourth grade students took a hike around campus on a beautiful Monday morning. It was Move up Day for the younger students, who took an hour of time to visit their future classrooms and grade level teachers. Students had a great day getting comfortable with their surroundings and learning about the class activities to come.

Tuesday, 5/20, 2014

Dolphins to the Sea

Mrs. Lewis' second grade class entertained and informed the lower school about the plight of dolphins, as they performed their original play, "Dolphins to the Sea." The play included singing, movement, and a thoughtful story line that was acted out by a passionate and caring class of students.
Thursday, 5/8, 2014

Mandala on Campus

Students of all ages viewed a sand mandala and were given a chance to help produce a part of the project. Monks worked in a quiet, meditative fashion, and students tried to do the same.

Monday, 4/28, 2014

April Celebrations

It is April and time to share the art that students have been producing throughout the year. Here some students share their drawings and ceramic works, as well as masks and weavings. Those that want to see more can view pieces that are on display for our Imagination Celebration in the lower school halls and lobbies. These will remain up through April and early May.

Thursday, 4/17, 2014

The Future is Looking Bright with the dedication of the St. John Student Center

First grade students wear their McDonogh sunglasses, as they pose with their teacher after the dedication of the St. John Student Center.  Students, faculty, administrators, and staff gathered for a day to remember. Senior jazz singers played songs about the school's bright future, speakers gave words of appreciation for donors and contributors, and orange and black streamers flew from the balcony and filled the sky with celebration. It may have looked like an overcast day, but it proved to be bright and beautiful!

Saturday, 4/5, 2014

Character through Literacy

Examples of character were displayed at the Horn Theater, as third grade students acted out the stories and lessons they learned from their reading of twelve different books. In their reading the students recognized the characteristics found on McDonogh's school compass of Honesty, Responsibility, Respect, and Kindness, and their skits depicted those character qualities.  Here some students prepare to go on stage to tell their story.

Thursday, 2/20, 2014

Cool Architecture

Something's stacking up outside Elderkin Hall, and it's colorful and cool. Students in the lower school are building an igloo. Led by the science teachers, they've been filling milk cartons with water and snow, and some students have even added food coloring. With the enthusiasm of the students, and cooperation of the weather, this architectural endeavor is sure to be huge success.

Thursday, 1/30, 2014

Day of Service

A successful morning of service was held in the Lower School on Martin Luther King Day last week. More than seventy families volunteered their time to make lasagnas, snack tins, activity bags, blankets, and other products for people and animals in need. More details about the day can be seen on McDonogh's webpage under the news dated 1/20/2013.

Tuesday, 1/28, 2014

STEM Week in the Lower School

During STEM week, students highlighted their Engineering and Math skills, as they built windmills and 3D shapes, and measured ingredients to make special snowman pancakes. Parents volunteered in the math room, as the inspiring activities sparked the curiosities of McDonogh's future scientists.

Tuesday, 1/28, 2014

Cold Return

Students dressed warmly to return to school today. Remember to keep bundling up during the foretasted cold days ahead.

Thursday, 1/23, 2014

Second Grade at the Walter's Museum

Second grade students visited the Walter's Art Museum to view works of art with a mathematical eye. Perspective and patterns were discussed as students observed figures, paintings, and even a mummy. Students also engaged in an art activity and made a tessellation with the art educators at the museum. 

Monday, 1/20, 2014

Fourth Grade Art

Fourth grade students have been experimenting with paper decoration using various materials in art class. Here a student uses a straw to blow paint and make a colorful design. The decorated papers will later be used to create an artistic image that will accompany a writing project.

Thursday, 1/9, 2014

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