April Celebrations

It is April and time to share the art that students have been producing throughout the year. Here some students share their drawings and ceramic works. Those that want to see more can view pieces that are on display for our Imagination Celebration in the lower school halls and lobbies. These will remain up through April and early May.

Thursday, 4/17

The Future is Looking Bright with the dedication of the St. John Student Center

First grade students wear their McDonogh sunglasses, as they pose with their teacher after the dedication of the St. John Student Center.  Students, faculty, administrators, and staff gathered for a day to remember. Senior jazz singers played songs about the school's bright future, speakers gave words of appreciation for donors and contributors, and orange and black streamers flew from the balcony and filled the sky with celebration. It may have looked like an overcast day, but it proved to be bright and beautiful!

Saturday, 4/5

Character through Literacy

Examples of character were displayed at the Horn Theater, as third grade students acted out the stories and lessons they learned from their reading of twelve different books. In their reading the students recognized the characteristics found on McDonogh's school compass of Honesty, Responsibility, Respect, and Kindness, and their skits depicted those character qualities.  Here some students prepare to go on stage to tell their story.

Thursday, 2/20

Cool Architecture

Something's stacking up outside Elderkin Hall, and it's colorful and cool. Students in the lower school are building an igloo. Led by the science teachers, they've been filling milk cartons with water and snow, and some students have even added food coloring. With the enthusiasm of the students, and cooperation of the weather, this architectural endeavor is sure to be huge success.

Thursday, 1/30

Day of Service

A successful morning of service was held in the Lower School on Martin Luther King Day last week. More than seventy families volunteered their time to make lasagnas, snack tins, activity bags, blankets, and other products for people and animals in need. More details about the day can be seen on McDonogh's webpage under the news dated 1/20/2013.

Tuesday, 1/28

STEM Week in the Lower School

During STEM week, students highlighted their Engineering and Math skills, as they built windmills and 3D shapes, and measured ingredients to make special snowman pancakes. Parents volunteered in the math room, as the inspiring activities sparked the curiosities of McDonogh's future scientists.

Tuesday, 1/28

Cold Return

Students dressed warmly to return to school today. Remember to keep bundling up during the foretasted cold days ahead.

Thursday, 1/23

Second Grade at the Walter's Museum

Second grade students visited the Walter's Art Museum to view works of art with a mathematical eye. Perspective and patterns were discussed as students observed figures, paintings, and even a mummy. Students also engaged in an art activity and made a tessellation with the art educators at the museum. 

Monday, 1/20

Fourth Grade Art

Fourth grade students have been experimenting with paper decoration using various materials in art class. Here a student uses a straw to blow paint and make a colorful design. The decorated papers will later be used to create an artistic image that will accompany a writing project.

Thursday, 1/9

Song and Celebration

Students in the Lower School gave the gift of song to their peers and family who joined in the celebrations as the winter break approached last Friday. Here kindergarten and prefirst students performed in the chapel, and later the remaining lower school students performed in the Horn Theater.

Friday, 12/27, 2013

Winter Recess

With hats, gloves, boots, and warm clothes, the children of the lower school joined their teachers at recess for a sleigh ride. Some students took time to make snowmen as well.

Saturday, 12/14, 2013

Holiday Cheer

Holiday cheer was in the air, as kindergarten students wore their pj's and enjoyed listening to the story of the Polar Express during a morning activity. The day continued with added treats, as the children later made gingerbread houses.

Thursday, 12/12, 2013

Book Club

Fourth grade students gather for book club and work in small groups to share their reading discoveries. Students participate as researchers, note takers, organizers, or in other roles that bring conversations and depth to their reading.

Thursday, 12/5, 2013


Thanksgiving is upon us, and students have been sharing ways they are thankful in their writings and crafts. Below, first grade students listened to a guest speaker talk about Native American life, and the students gained an appreciation for Native Americans and their ability to use the land and its resources in thoughtful and productive ways.

Friday, 11/22, 2013

Writing and Speaking in Mandarin

Lower school students are engaging in the Mandarin language in more than one way. After speaking their names in class, students also learn to write their names. Here a student shares his name among his classmates that are visually displayed outside the classroom.


Wednesday, 11/13, 2013

Community Service in the Lower School

Community service in the Lower School can be seen from kindergarten through fourth grade, and now it's spreading. The second grade students shown here decided to continue the good work of giving back, and they created bracelets for sale to support St Vincent's. After making bracelets for St. Vincent's a year earlier with their first grade teacher and being inspired by her commitment and the positive feedback from the organization, the students came up with this idea to make the bracelets again this year and continue to help St. Vincent's. Shown here alongside their inspiring teacher, the girls sold one hundred bracelets . It was a successful day in so many ways, and our teachers are proud of the big hearts that our students bring to school every day.

Friday, 11/8, 2013

Pumpkin Cutting

Second grade students enjoyed a little fun with shapes in advance of their Halloween parade and assembly. Here some students show their creative jack-o-lanterns.

Thursday, 10/31, 2013

Walter's Art Museum

Students in the first grade enjoyed a field trip to the Walter's Art Museum. They saw all sorts of Animals in Art including ceramics and stone sculptures. Students also wore their own decorative shirts that they designed with animals in class. Following the museum trip the animals came to life, as the children continued their field trip down the road to the Baltimore Zoo.

Thursday, 10/17, 2013

Research and Art for the Fourth Grade

Fourth grade students finished some research in computer class, and then carried their Chromebooks with care for more use in their homerooms.

Another fourth grade class is seen here in art class concentrating on their Chesapeake Bay drawings, which have been thoughtfully developed through multiple stages of creativity.

Thursday, 10/10, 2013

Thank You's in the Air

Our Lower School teachers found a special way to thank the maintenance and housekeeping staff whose hard work makes a difference in the lives of our McDonogh community each day. Teachers brought in tasty breakfast treats in an effort to show their tremendous appreciation, and the good smells of eggs and baked goods filled the air along with many "Thank You's."

Monday, 9/30, 2013

Science Everywhere

Looking at the Naylor building's new pendulum brings curiosity to the scientific minds of our lower school students.  Our fourth grade science teacher plans to take his class to see the pendulum and give them an opportunity to investigate and ask questions about this mesmerizing sight.

Thursday, 9/12, 2013

Settling In

Students returned to school and settled into activities new and old. Here lower school students enjoy the new and comfy Adirondack chairs that can be found on the playground and around campus.
Below students stood quietly and waited for the "all clear" during a routine fire drill in the first week.
Students wore green on Aquapalooza Day, as they celebrated their summer reading accomplishments.

Wednesday, 9/4, 2013

Meet Your Teacher

McDonogh students, new and old, spent some time this morning visiting classrooms, teachers, and fellow classmates. It was an informal but great start to the school year, as students got a chance to join in on some friendly conversations about their summers and the school year ahead.

2013-2014 school year here we come!

Tuesday, 8/27, 2013

Welcome Back

Welcome back! Things at McDonogh are looking bright and beautiful.

Sunday, 8/25, 2013

Enjoy the Summer Graduates and Lower School

Closing ceremony fell on a beautiful day for our lower school students, as they soaked in the memories, advice, and wise words relayed by Mrs. Lidston of our graduating fourth graders. In addition Mr. Britton wished the graduates a wonderful summer and gave them a few words to live by, including to  hold on to those things you enjoy and Read, Read, Read! So whether it's collecting baseball cards or drawing birds and butterflies, enjoy the summer and see you in the fall.

Friday, 5/31, 2013

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