McDonogh School Athletic Philosophy

“McDonogh School is a community which finds joy in work, in play, in discovery, and in realization of personal potential. Strong, mutually-respectful relationships inspire a passion for teaching and learning, a dedication to personal integrity, and a commitment to excellence. Embracing diversity of background, culture, and thought, the school builds upon its founder's original mission to provide life-altering opportunities and to develop in students the will to do "the greatest possible amount of good." - McDonogh Mission Statement, revised June, 2011

The role of athletics in a McDonogh student’s life is important. The Athletic Department believes athletics are an extension of the academic day where valuable lessons are taught. Sports programs are designed to be in harmony with the educational objectives of the school. We believe in a multi-sport philosophy and encourage all our athletes to play at least two sports. McDonogh School seeks to provide opportunities in which students can participate in a healthy and competitive environment and develop socially, mentally, and physically.

The Athletic Department encourages students to become members of teams, to be the best they can be, and to reach their personal potential. To achieve this last goal, we offer 29 varsity sports. Being a member of a team is a privilege. Students will learn life lessons such as how to work with a group, how to be selfless, how to persevere when things don’t go well, and how to be gracious winners and losers.

In most sports, we offer varsity and junior varsity teams. When student interest and numbers are high enough, we offer a third team. Sports that lend themselves easily to the possibility of a third team include boys and girls soccer, basketball, field hockey, and girls lacrosse. We encourage students to go out for a team of their choice, and if that choice doesn’t work out, then try out for a different team.

Finally, one very important mission of the McDonogh Athletic program is to teach and reinforce in players the values relating to wholesome competition, great sportsmanship, and fair play. Coaches set a good example for players and spectators. Treating officials as well as opposing coaches and players with respect is an important behavior expected of all McDonogh constituents - players, coaches, and parents.

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