McDonogh Alumni Mobile App

McDonogh is pleased to offer a way for alumni to stay connected: the McDonogh Alumni Network Mobile App. Now it’s even easier to connect with each other and keep up-to-date with the latest news from McDonogh.

With the app, you can:

  • Reconnect with classmates
  • Find and contact alumni nearby or around the world using the map feature
  • Network with relevant professionals in your industry and area using LinkedIn
  • Search the directory by name, industry, year, and many other filters
  • Keep current on McDonogh news and events
  • Access all of McDonogh’s social media
  • Make your annual gift through the quick, easy, and secure mobile giving page
  • Register for McDonogh Connect, the school’s mentoring, internship, and career resource program

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who can use the McDonogh mobile alumni app?
Only confirmed McDonogh alumni may use the app. Use of the app for commercial or political communications is prohibited.

How do I get the McDonogh app on my mobile device?
iPhone Users: Click here to download the app or search for “McDonogh School Alumni Network” in the Apple App Store and download.
Android Users: Click here to download the app or search for "McDonogh School Alumni Network" in the Google Play Store and download.

How do I log in?
You will need to enter your email address, and your name and credentials will be verified in order to gain access. You will then receive a confirmation email. Click on the confirmation link and return to the app to proceed. If your email is address is not accepted, please contact the Alumni Office to reconcile your email address. After your initial log in, your information will be saved and you will not be required to log in again.

Which of my email addresses do I use to sign up for the app?
Please sign up using your preferred email. This will ensure you receive all necessary communications regarding the app and login process.

Can I log in with more than one email address?
Like most online platforms, you will set a unique email and password to access our alumni community. Whether you create a new set of credentials or log in using LinkedIn, only one email can be used to access the community. If you wish to change your login email, please contact

Why should I connect my LinkedIn account?
The app allows you to connect and network with other alumni using LinkedIn. Being connected via LinkedIn also enhances some of the app’s built-in features, like Professionals to Know and other filtering options. Once you are logged in, you can view information that alumni have chosen to include on their personal LinkedIn profiles along with the number of connections you have in common. You can directly connect with other McDonogh alumni by clicking the yellow LinkedIn button to add or invite alumni to LinkedIn. Any information that is provided by LinkedIn will appear on the profile screen with the LinkedIn icon to the right. Don’t forget to list McDonogh in your education information and to connect with our McDonogh Alumni LinkedIn Group.

How do I connect my LinkedIn?
You can log into the app using your LinkedIn credentials, which will automatically connect your LinkedIn account to your profile. However, if you choose to authenticate using a different email and password, you can still connect your LinkedIn account via settings. Simply click the gear icon at the top right of the menu page to enable LinkedIn.

What personal information will be available for alumni to see?
The following contact information will display: Name, Street Address, City, State, Country, Phone Number, Email Address, Education, and Employment.

Can I edit or hide my personal information displayed in the app?
Yes, click “Update This Profile” at the bottom of your record to request the specific information you would like to hide. For instance, you may request that your phone number be hidden while other information remain visible. Please note that regardless of your privacy settings, your name and class year will display in the app.

Can I update my profile information in the mobile app?
Yes, it is easy to update your contact information directly in the mobile app. Click “Update This Profile” at the bottom of your record with the requested changes which will be forwarded to the Alumni Office. To protect the integrity of the alumni database, you cannot directly change contact information in the mobile app in real time. Once the updated information is received, the Alumni Office will update your profile. To suggest an update for a fellow McDonogh classmate, friend, or family member, click the “Suggest an Update” button at the bottom of their profile.

Can I view a list of my classmates?
Yes, select Directory and enter your class year in the search field.

Can I email or call another alumni directly from the app?
Yes. While in the directory, tap the email address of the alum you wish to contact and your email provider will generate a message. If you click the phone number, your phone will dial the number.

When using the Alumni Nearby tool with the map, how do I locate alumni in another location outside of my current location?
Click the magnifying glass in the bottom right corner of the map. This will allow you to enter a specific town, state, country, or address to search. Zoom out by pinching two fingers together on the screen and then trail one finger to the desired area on the map. A black “M” pin will display representing the location of alums.

When using the map, how do I know who is in the area and in my class?
From the map screen, click the Filter button in the upper right-hand corner, select your class year, then Apply.

Who are Professionals to Know?
If connected to LinkedIn, the app will use your self-identified LinkedIn Industry to pull a list of other alumni in that same industry. This is a great way to network within your chosen field.

How can I see alumni events for this year?
Click the News and Social icon. From here, select Alumni Calendar.

Can I access McDonogh’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and website directly from the app?
Absolutely! We have included links in the app for your convenience. Select the News and Social page and browse around. Use the down arrow located at the top right corner of the screen to navigate to other linked pages.

How can I make my gift to The McDonogh Fund?
Under News and Social, select Support McDonogh which will take you to our secure online giving page.

What is McDonogh Connect?
McDonogh Connect is the school’s new mentoring, internship, and career resource program. Our current students and young alumni are matched with members of the McDonogh community who have similar career interests and expertise. Consider registering through McDonogh Connect’s database and choose to participate as a mentor or mentee. Access McDonogh Connect through the News and Social link.

App information is prepared solely for the use of McDonogh alumni. Information in the app may not be used for commercial, charitable, political, or any purpose other than the convenience of the McDonogh community. Sharing information with any person or enterprise other than the members of the McDonogh community is prohibited.


  • iPhone - iOS 7 and above
  • iPod Touch
  • iPad
  • Android


  • Blackberry
  • Windows Phone 7
  • WebOS

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