Computer Program

The Middle School offers computer studies to fifth and sixth graders. These classes expose students to software applications that will give them the ability to evaluate, purchase, and utilize software and hardware for their own personal needs. In addition, both grade levels have a comprehensive vocabulary list of computer terminology.

Keyboarding and basic word-processing are the main areas of study for fifth graders. This is a "hands on" course that requires a great deal of practice to develop skills. Students are expected to be able to achieve a minimum rate of 30 words per minute, with no more than 3 errors per minute, by the end of the year using the “touch typing” method. The students also learn about: proper care of hardware and software, correct body posture and hand positions, the “QWERTY” keyboard, correct finger/key relationships, loading and exiting programs, touch typing and desktop publishing.

In sixth grade, advanced word-processing and technological literacy are the major areas of study. Formatting needed to produce various documents, reports, and business letters is also taught. Students use computers with Windows NT systems, utilizing Microsoft Word Office 2000 for word-processing and Publisher 2000 for desktop publishing. Other content covered includes the history of the computer, memory banks, ASCII, binary number system, bit and bytes, desktop publishing, computer crime, and ethical and responsible use of the computer and the internet.

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