Kiplinger Library

in the Upper School

A gift of the Kiplinger Family dedicated on May 8, 1990. Rededicated on May 8, 2015 in loving memory of Todd L. Kiplinger '64, McDonogh Trustee (1981-1989).


In the McDonogh Upper School Kiplinger Library students find joy in work, in play, and in the discovery and realization of personal potential. Whether completing a research paper, playing a game of chess, studying alone or with friends, or pursuing an extra-credit fact, students have access to a wealth of print and electronic resources in a welcoming environment. Since global networks have made virtually all information portable the definition of “library” has expanded far beyond walls, windows, and stacks. In order to locate, analyze, and synthesize information, teachers and students must continually develop new strategies to manage the exponential growth in resources. The library faculty helps students navigate the ever-increasing stores of information to which they have access, while instilling the critical tools to enable students to discern the validity of the information they encounter.

The Upper School library curriculum supports student work that is project-based; assignments, for instance, that culminate in a research paper, a presentation, or a debate. Librarians collaborate with classroom teachers to create challenging and engaging student assignments to teach and reinforce research practices, information evaluation, and literacy skills. To this end the Upper School library aims to provide an environment to encourage problem solving and critical thinking; to develop research strategies; to enable the evaluation of sources for selection and use; to allow students to synthesize information for use in final projects; to follow proper formatting when citing sources; and to understand and avoid plagiarism and copyright infringement.

The Upper School Research and Information Literacy curriculum builds upon knowledge learned in earlier years, and provides students with transferable skills for future educational, career, and personal applications. Librarians remain current with emerging trends in information systems, technology, and research practices, to meet an ever-changing global environment. As they engage with students and teachers to support their coursework librarians also help them to practice responsible and ethical informational and technology use as a means of shaping citizens of good character. As students work in the library during their Upper School career they gain lifelong skills that help them succeed in college and beyond.

Located in Allan Building, the Kiplinger Library boasts several spaces. Group study is a major component of the main library, while classes frequent The Naylor Room and the computer room. Faculty and students seeking quiet study enjoy The Gantt Room.


Monday - Thursday 8:00 am - 4:30 pm | Friday 8:00 am - 3:00 pm


  • Collection: print and online ebooks, online databases, audio CDs, video DVDs, newspapers, periodicals, McDonogh Authors, McDonogh Publications, The Week (student newspaper), Dragon/Legacy (student yearbook)
  • Curriculum and Project Collaboration and Teaching
  • Displays of student work, new books, and current events
  • Faculty Collection
  • Free Bookshelf and Little Free Library
  • Games: chess, Scrabble, trivia, daily crossword puzzles, etc.
  • Legacy (Yearbook) Office
  • Material Reserves
  • Research Assistance
  • Rooms: Class of 1964 Reading Room (seats 12), Computer Room (projection, seats 15,), Conference Room (seats 12), Gantt Room for quiet study (seats 30) Main Library (seats 35), Naylor Room (projection, seats 50)
  • Technology: black/white and color printers, copier, iPads, desktop computers, scanner, Chromebooks

    The Upper School Library was originally located on the second floor of Allan Building. In February 1960 the dining hall relocated from Allan Building to the newly constructed Lamborn Hall. This allowed the library to move downstairs to its current location in October 1960. The library was renovated and dedicated as the Kiplinger Library in May 1990.


    A gift of the Kiplinger Family Dedicated on May 8, 1990. Rededicated on May 8, 2015 in loving memory of Todd L. Kiplinger '64, McDonogh Trustee (1981-1989).

    The Class of 1964 Reading Room in memory of classmate Frederick B. Kerr ‘64 given at the dedication of the Kiplinger Library May 8, 1990

    The Gantt Room in memory of George B. Gantt ‘19 in grateful appreciation May 1990

    The Naylor Room dedicated to the Naylor Family in appreciation of their generous support Irvin S. Naylor ‘54 Scott C. Naylor ‘75 May 1990


    The Whiting/Moore American History Collection dedicated in loving memory of Margaret Bowen Whiting

    Salvatore J. Boccuti ‘56 Memorial Fund for Educational Video Materials

    Jill’s Nook The Bearman Fiction Collection dedicated in loving memory of Jill Kerri Bearman Class of 1988


    Philip H. Lohrey in memory of Mabel Langley Lohrey

    William C. Norwood ‘46 in memory of Gladys Wiley Norwood

    Dr. & Mrs. Karl Pick in honor of Robin Pick ‘88, Lauren Pick ‘92 and Melissa Pick ‘95

    Andrew Segall ‘92, Michael Segall ‘94 and Karen Segall ‘98 in memory of their grandfather Albert M Bormel

    The John A Schwab Reading Alcover furnished in his memory by his family and his friends

    John McDonogh Bust, Gift of the Class of 1949. Sculpted by William I Sunderland '49. June 9, 1995.

    Colonel William Allan Bust, McDonogh School's First Headmaster 1873-1889 by Edward V. Valentine 1891. Damaged in the 1928 school fire while being lowered out of a window by students. This bust was restored in 1990.

    George B.P. Ward Jr. ‘53 in honor of Nancy Catherine Wheeler ‘89

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