Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity (SEED) is a national curriculum enrichment and development program focused on infusing multiculturalism, equity, and tolerance into the classroom. SEED seminars at McDonogh are reading groups for faculty which meet monthly to discuss ways of making classroom practices gender-fair, diverse, and multicultural. By examining relevant articles, books, and films, teachers learn to recognize and respect diverse cultures and choices not necessarily studied in school or reinforced in school climates. Participants are encouraged to “make textbooks of their lives” as part of the process of balancing the curriculum.

Student Clubs

McDonogh encourages students to think in multicultural ways and has fostered this concept with student organizations including the following:

  • Coexist Club
  • Sankofa (formerly Black Awareness Club)
  • Asian Awareness Club
  • Spanish Club
  • German Club
  • French Club
  • Jewish Awareness Club
  • GSA (Gay Straight Alliance)
  • Japan Club

Big Brother/Big Sister

The Big Brother/Big Sister program is sponsored by Sankofa (formerly the Black Awareness Club) to help foster positive, mentoring relationships between students of color within McDonogh School. In this effort, Upper School students become mentors to Lower and Middle School students.

Diversity 4 McDonogh

Diversity 4 McDonogh (D4M) is a grassroots advocacy and action group that informs and inspires members of the McDonogh School community. Each year, a new group of devoted, highly-motivated students helps to craft and implement school-wide diversity activities and programs.

Eighth Grade Diversity Group

The Eighth Grade Diversity Group consists of interested eighth graders who work with the Middle School Diversity Coordinators in:

  • encouraging friendships among diverse students,
  • deepening identification with one’s own heritage,
  • creating a forum to showcase varied cultural groups,
  • helping students feel a sense of belonging,
  • helping students see themselves in the environment around them,
  • cultivating leadership skills, and
  • raising awareness/viewing situations from a variety of perspectives.

McDonogh Diversity Committee

The Office of Diversity Affairs is working on creating an outlet for students, faculty, and parents to come together and address diversity issues. Parents and faculty members who would like to learn more about this group or who would like to serve on the committee are encouraged to contact Malika DeLancey, Director of Diversity, at or at 443-544-7029.

AIMS Conferences

McDonogh continues to send student diversity representatives to local conferences, where student leaders exchange ideas with their counterparts from other areas schools. Conference topics range from issues of class and race to gender and sexual

McDonogh Annual Diversity Conference

McDonogh hosts an annual, local diversity conference featuring guest speakers and panel discussions. The conference is typically held in the spring and welcomes students from the Greater Baltimore area.

People of Color/Student Diversity Leadership Conference

Student and faculty representatives from the Upper School attend the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) annual, national diversity conference. The seminar and activity series focus on networking, support, and finding ways for schools to “build and sustain inclusive communities.”

Diversity Months
September Latino/Hispanic Heritage Month
October Japanese Heritage Month
November Islamic Awareness Month
December Jewish Awareness Month
January Indigenous Awareness Month
February Black History Month
March Women’s History Month
April GLBT Pride

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